Miniseries Scheduled for Landing on the Moon
The Science Channel and Discovery Channel have teamed up for a global competition and have turned it into a miniseries. The top prize is $30 million dollars if you can be the first to land an unmanned spacecraft on the moon.
Scientist Says Wood Chips Can Be Converted into Food
During the winter I burn wood so I was very interested to hear there is a professor from Virginia Tech, Y.H. Percival Zhang, who says he has  developed a process that will convert wood chips into food. Basically he made a giant stomach and mixed in corn stalks, weeds, leaves and grass with diff…
Webcams Attached to Sharks to Better Understand Them
Marine biologists at the University of Hawaii and the University of Tokyo have attached webcams to the fins of sharks in the hope to study their habits. Thirty sharks of various types were fitted with the webcams that include a camera, sensors and VHF transmitters.
Maine Resident Catches Fireball on Camera!!
It was overhead in Oxford County and Bruce York caught it all on camera!
Last week after seeing the object in the sky, he whipped out his cell phone (those things are so handy) and recorded the entire thing!
Have you seen the video...or did you ACTUALLY see it, too?
NASA Says the Human Body Not Built for Space Travel
In science fiction movies, man travels through space with no problem, hopping from universe to universe, but the reality is, man was not built to travel through space. NASA says there are many problems the human body goes through in space; many they still haven’t been able to solve.
Food You Should Never Eat Raw
There are some foods you should never eat raw. Since the discovery of fire, man has learned to cook food to make it taste better and to make it more healthy for us to eat. Animals, of course, can’t control fire like us, so they still eat foods raw, but for man, it’s not a good idea. Here are some fo…
Scientists Looking on the Internet for Time Travelers
Time travel has long been a thing of science fiction but according to Einstein’s General Theory of Relativity, the idea of traveling forward in time should be possible. With that in mind, scientists are looking for evidence of time travelers on the internet
Caffeine May Help Long Term Memory
According to a research team at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, caffeine may boost long term memory. It has long been thought caffeine has many health benefits and now it may be an enhancer for memory.

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