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Win $2,500 In Cash!
You hear us talk about or VIP online club, The Stinger's Scoop, on B98.5. It just keeps getting bigger and better. Right now Stinger's Scoop members can enter to win $2,500 in cash! But, there is so much more you can win!
Bee Lunch Break Winners
This week’s winners for the FREE Bee Lunch Break was Weeks & Hutchins, LLC.  They entered to win lunch for up to 10 and won!  We draw a new winner every Wednesday during the Morning Buzz and deliver a FREE lunch on Thursday.
Backwards Alan Jackson Song Of The Day Winner [VIDEO]
That was a lot fun!  We got our winner of the Backwards Alan Jackson's Song Of The Day winner!!  Congratulations Karen!  Karen listened to each song and figured out which Alan Jackson song we were playing backwards.  She knew all 3 in the correct order and won the premium se…

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