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Backwards Alan Jackson Song Of The Day Winner [VIDEO]
That was a lot fun!  We got our winner of the Backwards Alan Jackson's Song Of The Day winner!!  Congratulations Karen!  Karen listened to each song and figured out which Alan Jackson song we were playing backwards.  She knew all 3 in the correct order and won the premium se…
A Holy Cow Moment at the Gas Pump
Here's a sign of the times, a good sign. I had to use the station van for a gig in Waterville and when I got in it, it was out of gas. I mean bone dry, light on, below empty out.
B98.5 Helping the Maine Children’s Home
Join me Wednesday, December 3rd, at Hometown Veterinary Care in Fairfield, to help the Maine Children’s Home. They help over 1,700 children in need during the holiday’s by providing toys, clothing, boxed gifts and a sense that someone cares.
‘Tanksgiving’ 2014: Thank You!
It's hard to believe the 14th annual 'Tanksgiving' Food Drive has come to an end. What a great week we had. Thank you to everybody throughout central Maine who made a donation of non-perishable food or money.

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