Nixie, The Drone That Takes Selfies
So, you like to take selfies, of course you do, in fact, you ‘love’ taking selfies. Students at UC Berkley have made it easier to photograph you, with ‘Nixie’ the drone.
Aeromoblie Flying Car Crashes
A lot of people think flying cars should be on the market already. Flying to work or play. It has been quite a few years since ‘they’ said flying cars would be here, we may have to wait a little longer.
The Many Uses of WD40
One thing most American homes have in common is a can of WD40. Over 75% of homes have a can of the penetrating oil. Most of us use it to stop squeaks or loosen rust, but it has many ‘unusual’ uses too.
Killer Autonomous Robots Under Discussion At U.N.
During a meeting of the United Nations in Geneva, Switzerland, the discussion turned to ‘killer robots’. Considering killer drones have been used to kill thousands already, the UN believes the next step will be completely autonomous machines.
Mars Rover Travels a Marathon
The Mars rover has been on the red planet for 11 years and this past Tuesday it ran a marathon. It traveled 26.2 miles on the surface of Mars becoming the first human creation to do so.

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