10 Towns in Maine With Unusual Names
Maine has a lot of towns named after foreign countries or cities of foreign countries, or at least people 'think' that's the case. Not all the names are for the obvious reason.
Gas Under $1 a Gallon in Michigan
Michigan has become the first state to have lowered their gas prices under $1 a gallon. These are the first gas station in the country to see prices under $1 a gallon in years.
Some Odd Maine Driving Laws
A website,, has come up with an interactive map of the United States and how their driving laws compare. Maine has some interesting driving laws that you might not have known about.
How Far Is Your Commute To Work?
There’s a really great interactive map from the Washington Post detailing the commuting habits of million Americans who travel outside their county for work.
It comes from the U.S. Census’s 5-year survey of 38 million commuters, which asked its subjects, &ldq…

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