Summer’s Here, Watch For Cycles
In case you hadn't noticed, the unofficial start to summer has come and gone. You may have not realized this, since temps still dip back into the 40's, and heaters and blankets still haven't been packed away for the um, summer.
Food Truck Festival Recovery Plan: Go On A Hike
You went to the inaugural Food truck Festival, where you enjoyed treats from hand cut fries to kettle corn, to great smoothies, and everything in between. Awesome food day, but after the inevitable food coma, you were back to reality of knocking off the 5-10 pounds. If you're one of the million…
Yumm…Maine Maple Sunday is March 26th
Maine Maple Sunday …make sure you mark your calendar.  It happens on the fourth Sunday of March and this year that is March 26.  The early spring weather has maple producers already at work with the sap are flowing early this year.
Sarah’s NYC Food Bucket List Is Ultimate Food Porn!
Facebook has shown me more of what NYC can offer than NYC itself.  Restaurants and treats I didn't even know existed!  Since I go all the time, I've decided to create a bucket list of these AMAZING food creations.  I will attempt to try one each trip.  Right now I'm going this week, July & Augus…
Sarah Talks Dirty About These Silly Town Names
Well, according to Estately Blog, these are some lewd and dirty sounding town names across our great U.S of A!  Maine isn't as bad as some other States.  In fact, I don't think there is anything 'dirty' sounding about these Maine towns.  But, how some of these othe…

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