Reality T.V. shows are about to become all wet. ABC has picked up a new show called 'Celebrity Splash.' It’s a diving competition between celebrities who will be trained by professional dive instructors. The show is a huge hit in the Netherlands and has been bought in France, the United Kingdom, Australia and now here in the United States. Celebrities will attempt complicated dives from various heights with increasing levels of difficulty.

‘Eyeworks,’ the company that distributes the show has seen tremendous success in Holland with ratings very high making the show an instant hit.  Since it premiered in August, Dutch broadcaster SBS holds over a quarter of the Saturday night prime time audience and ABC’s hoping for the same. Dives can be as high as 10 meters and each week they will be more involved. As the levels increase so do the complexity of the dives to include back flips, somersaults and other gymnastics moves.  ABC hopes to have the success it had when 'Dancing with the Stars' first took the country by storm. That show has seen a ratings fall the past few seasons, so ABC hopes to deliver on a series it calls exciting, surprising and inspirational. No word yet when the series will premiere.