I had just finished taking a shower and  getting into my jammies and came out into the living room. I looked around and asked Anderson "Where's Chad?" He said he was outside. Not thinking a thing about it, he was probably outside with our dog, Copper, playing in the snow.

I had no idea what he was REALLY out there doing!

You've already read the article I wrote a while ago about the unbelievable creatures he sculpts out of snow. You can read the article HERE and see the pictures of the bunny, dog and AWESOME pumpkin! Take a look at what he created last night!

He said "It's good to feel like a kid every once in a while." It took him a few hours to make the turtle, including 6 large snowballs for the base and 2 big ones up on top. What he didn't realize, as our good friend Derek Pellerin pointed out on Facebook, he made Crush from Finding Nemo out of the snow we got from Snowstorm Nemo!

He's actually thinking about using food coloring today to color it! Anderson was so excited he wanted to ride the sea turtle but he was already in his jammies. Instead he was able to stand on top of it!

See? A Valentine's Day gift doesn't NEED to cost money. A gift is something given from the heart. I had been telling him since Winter started that I couldn't wait for him to make one of his snow creations. Luckily, for me, he remembered and made me something I will never forget...a memory.