Getty Images, photo by Scott Barbour

The first question you’re going to ask, ‘but, will they be yellow’? The answer is no! Here’s why you’ll ask that question. Scientists in China have grown teeth from stem cells taken from human urine. With many scientists around the world looking for ways to grow teeth to replace lost ones, Chinese scientists say it’s not a conventional source, but it seems to be working.

They used urine as a starting point to harvest cells, the cells were implanted into animals and a tooth began to grow. Some stem cell scientists have their doubts though considering urine as one of the worst resources for stem cells because there are very few cells to begin with and turning them into stem cells has a very low probability.

But scientists in China say a tooth-like structure grew that has the three main ingredients for tooth enamel, dentum, cementum and pulp. One day tooth buds could be implanted into the jaw of humans who have lost teeth and have them grow back.