Central Maine has a lot of snow and ice already this early winter, it's been quite the job just keeping up with shoveling the steps, walkway and driveway. But, don't forget with all of this snow and ice, to clear off the roof and make sure all of your exits to your home are cleared of snow.With more freezing rain and rain in the weather forecast, I took time away from watching football on Sunday, to break out my roof rake and take what snow I could reach off of my roof. When roof raking, don't pull hard if the rake gets stuck, you don't want to damage your shingles on the roof. Here are more tips for proper roof raking.

Photo by Andy Capwell

I also, hadn't shoveled the back deck of my house. The snow and ice had piled up so much, that I couldn't open my screen door from my house to get out onto the deck. This is dangerous, because it's the only alternative exit I have from my home. It's tough work, but take the time to clear all the snow and ice from all of the exits of your home.

Before you know it, we'll all be complaining on how hot it is!