Getty Images, photo by Jason Miller

Fans go to baseball games hoping to catch a foul ball; some go their whole life without getting close. For one Cleveland Indians fan, the lottery would have been easier to win than what happened to him this past Sunday. The Indians were playing the Kansas City Royals at home, when Greg Van Niel, a season ticket holder, had a baseball fan's dream come true.

Van Niel was not in his usual seat that he sits in for home games, he took advantage of a season-ticket exchange, which changed his seat down the third base line. It must have been good luck because Van Niel caught a foul ball, his first ever, not one, not two, but four. Luck has to be with you to catch just one but four: unheard of. Some say the odds of catching four foul balls in one game are 1 in a trillion. To give you an idea of his good luck, winning the Powerball is 1 in 176 million.

The Indians won the game too, 6-4.