Getty Images, photo by Justin Sullivan

The United States Postal Service loses about $25 million a day and in an effort to save the USPS, there had been talk of eliminating Saturday deliveries, but that idea was nixed by Congress, which has control over these matters. So, how does Congress propose to save the Postal Service? One piece of proposed legislation is known as ‘cluster mail’.

Cluster mail would eliminate door to door mail delivery in favor of ‘cluster boxes’ for each neighborhood where homeowners would pick their mail up at a centralized location. It's like what apartment buildings have now, only homeowners would be required to the same thing.

According to Congress, curbside mail delivery cost $224 a year per house; cluster delivery would cost $160 a year per house. Some new housing developments are already being told to use the cluster mail delivery system. In Tyler, Texas, in the Azalea District neighborhood, not a single home has mail delivered to their house, they are required to pick up the mail at a cluster mail box.

If Congress passes this legislation that would be the end of door to door mail delivery as we know it.