Rene Lima-Martin was sent to prison for armed robbery when he robbed a video store in 2000. The sentence on eight convictions added up to 98 years. Martin got lucky though when in 2008, because of a clerical error, he was release 90 years too early. At least he thought he was lucky.

As clerical errors have come to light across the country recently, Martin’s case was discovered and a team of officers found him and took him back to jail. In the six years he was mistakenly released on parole he has tried to get his life in order. He sold coupon books door to door and he has become skilled at cutting and installing windows. He’s active in his church, got married, and raised two sons The problem is officials say Martin knew he was being released because of a clerical error and didn’t say anything.

Now that Martin is back in jail a judge has denied to release him because as the judge said, 'he knew he was being released early and didn't say anything', but Martin claims he knew nothing about a clerical error. Regardless, Martin is back in jail for another 90 years but his family is considering another appeal.