A new invention that could speed up construction or could be shipped to disaster areas for instant homes, is the world’s first concrete tent. The Royal College of Art in London engineering students developed a tent that is blown-up using a fan, and then can be hardened into concrete within 24 hours after adding water.  The tents can be shipped in a box to anywhere in the world and would be the perfect shelter that can be assembled in a very short time.

The tent is made of a flexible canvas with concrete particles in the fabric and an inner plastic coating to hold air.  You simply unroll the tent, blow it up with air, put it in place, stake it down and soak it with water (any water will do, fresh, salt, muddy) and after 24 hours, it is a concrete tent. The tent is heavy before it turns to concrete, so you may need something to move it in place, like a truck or a car, but once it’s up and dry, it can last up to 10 years.