Getty Images, photo by Joe Raedle

Gas prices are something we all keep an eye on: are they going up, are they going down? The last I saw was $3.44 a gallon with the average in Maine at $3.47. Democratic Congressman Earl Blumenaurer is pushing to double the gas tax to .33 cent a gallon. There is currently an 18.5 cent federal gas tax on every gallon of gas we buy and the Representative from Oregon says it’s time to raise it.

The gas tax hasn’t been raised in 20 years and, according to Blumenaurer, the government’s infrastructure trust fund will be near zero in the next 10 months and federal highway funding will drop 92%. The money from the federal gas tax goes to rebuild the nation’s highways and bridges. According to the congressman, with inflation and the increase of fuel efficiency in vehicles the average motorist is paying only half of what they did in 1993.

The chance of a raise in federal gas tax seems unlikely according to Chris Edwards from Cato Institute, he says there is no way the Republicans are going to let a gas tax through.