Getty Images, photo by China Photos

In West Hartford, Connecticut, a woman trying to save her dog from being attacked by a black bear, was attacked herself. The dog, Maggie, was rooting around in bushes in the backyard when the black bear and her two cubs started chasing her. Maggie took off running to the house when Shannon Flannery noticed the dog coming.

Shannon said before her brain could process it was a 200 pound black bear, the bear was upon her. She ran to the back door of her home but the bear followed relentlessly and started poking its head in the door. Flannery stated yelling and kicking the bear and was able to get inside her home to safety but not before she had several scratches and puncture wounds on her lower leg.

The Department of Energy and Environmental Protection was called and euthanized the bear which was tested for rabies. The cubs where set free in another area as they were deemed old enough to take care of themselves.