The Sawtelle family of Vassalboro are a family of four that are looking for answers for their son Connor. Connor was born a healthy baby boy at around 37 weeks. At about 5 weeks of age Connor developed a very serious case of RSV, during his 10 day hospital stay Connor had lost a good amount of weight.

Photo by Erika Sawtelle

Throughout the first year of Connor's life he grew sicker and sicker with various respiratory disease and a failure to grow. Connor had been hospitalized several times in his first year of life.

The Sawtelle family then reached out to Mass General Children's Hospitalin Boston. They have been receiving care in Boston since April. The in May, it was discovered that

Photo from Erika Sawtelle

Connor had a cleft in his esophagus that was causing to aspirate his fluids into his lungs.

On May 20th Connor underwent surgery to repair the cleft, the family had hoped this would be the answer to his health problems.

On July 10th the family found out that Connor's surgery didn't work, the doctors in Boston told the family

Photo from Erika Sawtelle

that Connor may have some underlying metabolic disease that is affecting his pancreas and his absorption of nutrients and that could be why he can't gain weight.

It can take up to one year to fully diagnose a metabolic disease and the Sawtelle family are making several trips from Vassalboro to Boston for Connor's care. The trips include hotel stays, gas, tolls, food and taxi fares. There are also issues with the insurance company and payments for Connor's prescriptions and medical care and the family has had to pay out of pocket for those expenses.

Mainers are known for helping their neighbors and you can help Connor and his family. You can make an online donation for the Sawtelle family, just click right here for more details.

Everyone here at B98.5 wish Connor all the best!