Getty Images, photo by Jeff T. Green

When it comes to toilet paper it appears people want softness above anything else. Consumer Reports, in a study of twenty-five varieties of toilet paper, found the balance of strength and softness were important, but softness was the number one factor. In their study there were only a few brands that stood out with both strength and softness.

The number one toilet paper that had both was Walmart’s White Cloud 3-Ply Ultra Soft beating out, by quite a margin, the number two (no pun intended) finisher Quilted Northern Ultra Plush. White Cloud was not only the softest but it was a great value too costing only 25 cents per 100 sheets while Quilted Northern was priced at 38 cents per 100 sheets.

The latest thing in toilet paper is the elimination of the cardboard tube which will help in eliminating millions of pounds of waste each year, but Consumer Reports found some of those did not tear off easily and were hard to unravel.