Here's the latest series of 'Cooking For Guys.' These are meant to be quick and easy meals to make. Anybody who knows me, and for the two roommates I've had in my lifetime, they know that American Chop Suey is the dish I make the most. Here's my twist on this American classic.Here are the ingredients I use: Pasta, 93% lean ground turkey, onions, green peppers, onion & basil sauce and cinnamon. Boil pasta until cooked and in a seperate saute pan, cook the ground turkey, onions, green peppers and then before you add the sauce add some cinnamon and mix it in well, then pour the sauce and bring to a simmer.

Simply, take the contents of the saute pan and mix it in with the drained pasta. Top with grated cheese and that's it. There are a bunch of variations you can do. Most will prefer ground beef, and whatever veggies you like, but try the cinnamon, it blends great with the onions! This should take less than 30 minutes to make and it should give you about 8 large bowls. The total cost is around $7. That just under $1 a bowl!

Next week on 'Cooking For Guys', food to munch on during football!