photo by Andy Capwell

Hi it's Andy with another 'cooking for guys', these are quick and easy things to make, because who wants something tedious and difficult to make? This time around it's breakfast, the most important meal of the day. It seems like most of us are always rushing around in the morning getting ready for work. You think I'll get something on the way to work, for the amount of time that you'd be waiting through the drive-thru to get a coffee and donut, you can make a great breakfast and save some money!

Here's something that I'll make once or twice a week for breakfast, it's my take on the traditional bacon and eggs breakfast. I use a mixture of 'egg beaters' and real eggs, turkey bacon, and whole grain bread. Get your favorite frying pan and coat it without a cooking spray. I next cut the turkey bacon into cubes and start to cook them first. I next crack open the real egg right into the frying pan and then pour in some of the 'egg beaters'. As that is cooking, I take two slices of whole grain bread and toast them.I add pepper to taste and a little of butter or margarine to coat the toast. It takes just under 10 minutes to make and even less time to eat.

I save some calories with the cooking spray and turkey bacon and the 'egg beaters', I use the store brand 'egg beaters' to save some money. Whole grain bread is more expensive but it's a lot healthier than 'enriched flour' bread and it will keep you full for a longer period of time. So find the time to make breakfast and look for my next 'cooking for guys' segment.