photo by Andy Capwell

Hi it's Andy, with another 'Cooking For Guys.' These are quick and easy things to make and I try to give a healthy spin to them. One of my favorite things to make during football season are my mini pigs-in-the-blanket. Not only are these tasty and easy to make, I'm convinced that if I make them the Patriots win. O.K. it didn't work this Sunday.

Alright, back to making my mini pigs-in-the-blanket. This is wicked easy. I take one of those biscuits in a can, a 10-count, and crack it open. Stretch out the biscuit and cut in half, add a small cube of the cheese of your choice. The traditional mini-pigs-in-the-blanket would add the cocktail dogs, to make mine healthier, I slice a piece of turkey kielbasa instead and then just roll it up and make the next one. A can of 10 biscuits, make 20 of my mini-pigs-in-the-blankets. Pre-heat the oven to 400 degrees and cook for 10 minutes. After the 10 minutes, shut the oven off but flip them and leave in the oven for another 5 minutes to give them a nice golden color.

Dip them in BBQ sauce and enjoy. I hope the next time I make them the Patriots winning part works!