Sometimes when you read stories, you're like "Why didn't I think of that?" This is one such story can be done!

Every child has their favorite toy. Anderson's is Beanie, the stuffed cat we made at The Fun Park in Benton over a year ago. Not an afternoon goes by when he doesn't run up the stairs when we get home from school and he finds her. He brings her downstairs and we do homework with Beanie, we cook with Beanie. Beanie is even a character on our Wii gaming system. I don't think I could use Beanie for this project but anything else would be cool!

THIS child's favorite toy is a train named Stanley. And you'll NEVER guess where Stanley goes!

This very creative father had the idea to send his son's favorite toy on a quick little trip. This quick little trip took 2 months to plan but what a trip! His toy train, Stanley, was attached to a wooden dowel that was attached to a box with a GPS inside and a camera to film the journey. Stanley was sent into space with a weather balloon. He went 18 miles high and took an hour to get there. The balloon popped and it took 20 minutes to come down. Thanks to the GPS they found Stanley 27 miles away. Wait til you see the look on the boy's face when he finds him!

Please watch and have your heart grow a little bit bigger...