Toby Keith is headed to Saudi Arabia to perform in the capital this weekend. He is joining President Donald Trump on his trip to Saudi Arabia and will perform a free, men only, concert. Alcohol is banned in Saudi Arabia and Keith is known for songs like ‘I Love This Bar,’  ‘Red Solo Cup,’ and other similar songs. According there has been a loosening on the entertainment business lately as they have been musical concerts that had been banned.


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RaeLynn has postponed two upcoming shows because of a death in the family. This Friday and Saturday’s show will be rescheduled because of the death of her husband’s grandfather who passed away on Monday. According to, the concerts will be made up later in the year.


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George Straits song ‘Blue Clear Sky’ was inspired by movie star Tom Hanks. The writers of the song said they were at the Hanks movie ‘Forrest Gump’ and the song started going through his head. The one line in the movie when Forrest says, ‘And out of the blue clear sky, Jenny came back’ stuck in his head. The writer thought, ‘hey, it’s clear blue sky,’ not ‘blue clear sky.’ The phrase stuck in his head and according to, the song became a big hit in 1996.