Getty Images, photo by Sandra Mu

It’s a mystery that has cattle ranchers and police wondering what happened. It involves a mutilated cow on a ranch near the Kansas City International Airport. A cow was found dead with its sexual organs and udder removed but there is no evidence as to who, or what, did it.

Police say no foot prints or truck tracks were found at the site of the cow's demise and they found the gate was still locked. A veterinarian said whoever did this to the cow knew what they were doing as there were precise cuts to remove the organs. He also said the cow was alive when it had the massive mastectomy and there should have been a massive amount of blood, but there wasn’t any at all.

The cow’s cause of death hasn’t been determined, but the vet doesn’t believe the cow died from the mutilation. The owner of the cow said he separated her from the herd because she was ill. When he checked on her on Wednesday night she was feeling better and alive. Thursday morning when the farmer went back to the field, he found the dead cow.