Parents are ALWAYS looking for ways to get kids to be excited about dinner. In our house, we always sit down together and when the kids look at their plates, sometimes all they see are the vegetables. And we have vegetables every night!

I want to keep the kids guessing about what's for dinner! So last night I kept the meal a secret. When they all asked "What's for dinner?" I said it was a surprise! And, boy, was it ever!

Several people had mentioned to me a few things to do with food so I thought I would try one out. And it worked! I turned every hot dog in the package into an octopus! Here's how it works:

Cut the hot dog in half about 3/4 the way up. Do it 3 times. When you boil them the 'legs' curl up. When the kids saw what they were having, they dug right in! It didn't matter that Chad put extra vegetables on their plate. They didn't even notice it! They just ate everything! It's like the octopus distracted them...hmmm....Pretty stealth move on our part!

Try it with your kids and see what they think! It doesn't take long to do and dinner will have a few more smiles!