I love doing things with my kids. I was at a big box store a few days ago and there are plenty of projects you can do for Halloween that cost very little money.

It's called a Stepping Stone. When they are finished you can put them in your yard or your garden. The kids will love being able to follow the trail of, in this case, pumpkins to their destination to play.

You need two days to do it and I'm glad we do. It's two days where you can have things to do with your kids. They make a mess the first day with making the stones and then the next day they get to decorate them! They look forward to doing it. What kid doesn't like to get messy? Here are a few pics of stage one!

Tomorrow I'll post the end products. Anderson, Brad and Jayden will have their own pumpkin and paint job. It will interesting to see what they come up with!

Photo by Amber Bachelder