For years if a Cuban athlete wanted to play pro sports the only way they could do it was to defect to another country, that is about to change. The Council of Ministers has approved a measure that would allow Cuban athletes to sign professional contracts without reprisal of the government.

 In the past if an athlete went pro they were considered a traitor to their county but the new rule seems to be a way to lower defections and promote Cuban athletics.

 It may be a way of raising money for the government too as athletes signing professional contracts will be required to pay taxes and social security to the state. When all this will take place is not clear but it will affect baseball, basketball, volleyball players and possibly boxers.

 The new rule will also limit the time Cuban athletes can spend abroad, the Cuban national league in baseball are only allowed out of the country from May to October. The Ministers say this is a first step in allowing their athletes to compete world wide.

It is still not clear if the Cuban athletes will be allowed to compete in the U.S.