Getty Images, photo by Uriel Sinai

Four tourists from the United States visiting Iceland thought it would a ‘cool’ idea to have dinner on an ice floe, so they set up chairs and a table and got ready to sit down to eat. The problem for them came when a gust of wind pushed the ice away from land.

It didn’t blow them far, about three yards, but that was far enough to keep them from swimming back in the extremely cold waters of the Fjallsárlón glacial lagoon. Lucky for them they had a cell phone and called 112, the emergency number in Iceland, so rescuers could help them get back to shore. Páll Sigurður Vignisson, a member of the rescue team said they looked kind of comical sitting on their chairs in front of a table on an iceberg. The American tourists did eat their dinner while waiting to be rescued, but where very lucky their dinner platform didn’t roll over.