Every month the kids ask me "Mom/Sharon, can you measure me? I think I grew!"

And of course, I'll get out the pen and have them stand up against the wall. I measure them and sometimes they're taller and sometimes they haven't grown at all.

But the wall is filling up with hash marks.

Do you have that special spot in your home that has the height of your children? When I went to visit Chad's parents in Turner, his dad showed me the door behind his chair that has the markings from when he was small, too. All the way to 6 feet!

My picture isn't the greatest but the kids have definitely grown. Anderson is 43" tall now. He's tall enough to ride the rides at the Skowhegan Fair! He wasn't tall enough, however, to ride one of the rides at Fryeburg. I told him by next year he should grow those 2 inches in order to go on the Superman ride. He said he needs to keep eating broccoli!