This is a heartwarming story of loyalty and a special bond between a dog and a cat. Idgie the dachshund and Ruth a black and white tuxedo cat were found abandoned together at the end of a driveway in Lake Mary, Florida.Ruth, the cat, isn't able to use her back legs, and is unable to walk properly. Idgie, the dachshund is completely healthy, and he refuses to leave Ruth's side.

They were rescued and placed in the care of Hollywood Houndz Pet Boutique and Spa, the employees have decided to keep them in the shop and not split up the pair.

They have been there for three months now and the owner of the shop says that Idgie is still standing guard of Ruth when any new dogs are brought in. The two share toys and play together.

In case you are wondering where they got the names Idgie and Ruth, they were named after characters from 'Fried Green Tomatoes' because of their special bond.