Hungry Horse Pub in the United Kingdom doesn’t want you to go away hungry. The have created a Double Donut Burger that will fill you belly and fill your calorie intake. In fact it will fill 98% of a women’s intake and 79% of a man’s.

The Donut Burger consists of two hamburger patties, two slices of cheese, four slices of bacon  and BBQ sauce, all between two donuts. It comes in at 1,966 calories and is sold with the tag line ‘So Wrong It’s Right’.

The burger also contains 125g of fat, 8.2g of salt and 53g of sugar. Steve Jebson, spokesperson for the Hunger Horse, says all the nutritional information for the Double Donut Burger is on their website and you can make an informed decision before you eat one.

The burger in the U.K. is being dubbed ‘a heart attack on a plate’.

Sounds Delicious, I'll take two!