It's been happening a lot lately. I hear about it all the time but I have never been one to experience it.

Until today.

Chad said a few days ago while in line at the drive-thru of Dunkin Donuts he went up pay for his order only to find the person in front of him had already done so. What a nice surprise! There was no one behind him so he couldn't return the favor THAT day.

However, yesterday, he did. The lady at the window said "That is so nice! It's been happening a lot lately! It stopped a half hour ago but YOU just started it up again! This is great!"

So today, while in line at Dunkin Donuts, I was ordering my hot cocoa. When I drove up to the window, I saw someone behind me! THIS was my opportunity! I asked to pay for the person behind me and the young man said "That's awesome!" I felt so good!  The person's order only came to $3.49. I hope it continued.

When the feeling of doing a random act of kindness hits you, DO IT! The feelings that come with it are awesome!. It shows others that you care about the world and the people in it; that there is still hope in the hearts of humanity. And remember, don't expect it to happen to you. A true act of kindness asks for nothing in return.