This day, September 9, 1956, is the day Elvis Presley performed on the Ed Sullivan Show with his hit song 'Hound Dog'. The first appearance on the show was not hosted by Ed as he was recovering from a car crash. Guest host Charles Laughton introduced Elvis.

Elvis performed three other songs that evening, 'Don’t Be Cruel', 'Love Me Tender' and 'Love Me'. 'Hound Dog' was performed as his last song of the evening. The broadcast was huge in the ratings but it did little for Elvis as he was verbally attacked by the ‘older’ establishment for his bad influence on American teenagers. But Elvis’ popularity among teens just grew.

On January 6, 1957, during Elvis’ third and last appearance on the Ed Sullivan Show, Sullivan went above and beyond the call of duty to explain to his T.V. audience how fine a boy Elvis was. Ed explained his show never had a more pleasant experience with a big name than they had with Elvis and asked the audience for a tremendous hand for a very nice person.