The computer smiley face and sad face, better knows as the emoticon, has a birthday today!  That's right.  This ":)" turns 32!

I never would have guessed these symbols, that were invented by a Pittsburgh college professor in 1982, were that old.  Created for the purpose of adding emotion to a statement, I don't think it could have ever been predicted that these faces would have expanded to the wide selection of facial expressions that are around 32 years later.

Are you looking for a way to add personality to a text message or social media status? Consider some of these creative alternatives to the traditional :)

Big Smiley: :D  8D  :-D
Hug: ( )
Wink: ;)  ;D  ;-)  ;-D
Skeptical/Annoyed:   :-/  :/
Sad: :-c  :-(  D-:
Sealed Lips: :#  :-x
Angel: 0:-D
Kiss: :-*
Evil: >:-)
Shades: 8-)

While these add character to your message, remember: If you can't be kind, Be quiet!