Recently, Facebook has required users to download Facebook Messenger if you use the FB app on your Droid or IPhone.  If you don’t download Messenger, you are no longer able to private message (PM) someone on FB from your phone or tablet.

Here’s the problem, when you download the Messenger app, you are granting permission for Facebook to access your identity, location, contacts, photos/media/files (on your phone) as well as the camera & microphone and much more.  Suddenly, you find yourself smack in the center of Big Brother.

Or maybe not.  Facebook defends itself by stating almost all apps need certain permissions to run on Android.  If you have the Facebook app itself, you have already granted FB permission to have access to all of these things.  If you want to share a picture or video on FB, the app needs to be able to access your camera & photos.  Makes sense if you think about it.  If you want to make a call from FB (which I’ve never done), it needs to be able to access your contacts.

So, if you are going to boycott the Facebook Messenger app for invasion of privacy, be consistent and boycott the Facebook app.  If you are like me, that won’t happen.  I love Facebook too much.

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