Yeah, you got that right...IF you are going to move to Central Maine you NEED to be prepared for THIS!

OK, so I am starting with the most obvious.  I am not what you would call a ‘snow bunny’.  For my tastes it snows WAY too much here in Maine.  So with my 4 wheel drive, big-ass snow blower, real winter boots and down jackets, I take it on.  All that beautiful white stuff needs to be moved around out of my driveway and off our roads. However, it tickles my ShadowDog to no end. He hops around in it like a little rabbit. It is stupid how cute that is! I mean, making the world look like it is coated in glittery marshmallow fluff…who needs that!?

Renee and Liquid Sunshine from Edible Arrangements in Augusta, Maine

‘Nee, where do you want to go for lunch?’  You will get a blank stare. The panic starts to build in my soul and the internal dialog starts.  ‘What do I want? How far do I want to drive? Fancy-pants or a quick bite? How close to pay day is it?’ Central Maine has too many freakin’ wonderful choices...EVERYTHING you could want…I like food…but my top choice…the pizza buffet at the Senator Inn and Spa in Augusta.

Renee Nelson Apple Picking by Thomas-john Veilleux Photography

So, with all the good eats this girl and her snow-loving dog need to move a little.  With way to many places to get a GOOD meal, one need a good place or two or three to burn a few calories. Ugh...back to all these freaking choices. I don't do well with all these choices. OK...there are some amazing areas to go for a walk or hike in Central Maine.  My top two choices: Bond Brook Rec Area or Viles Arboretum.  Waterville would be Quarry Road Rec Area.  But really, to many choices, what is up with that? Here are a few other suggestions…just to keep if fresh.

Landing 26 at KAUG

WHAT? I like planes. I like flying. I like watching planes. I like airports.  There are a number of smaller airports in Central Maine.  I live in Augusta.  I choose my house in part because it was close to the Augusta State Airport and my back yard is prime plane watching real estate for planes landing on runway 35 at KAUG.  BUT if you are headed off on vacation, the bigger airports are about a WHOLE HOUR away.

There are very few reasons, IF any, to have to leave the Central Maine area to shop for…well…ANYTHING.  We have got some the best shopping options in our
down-towns, malls and standalone store fronts. It is all just here...waiting for me.  But is it really shopping if you don't have a struggle?

You are going to be really tired. There is ALWAYS and I mean ALWAYS something to do.  We have covered the food and shopping. There is music and live theater and museums and fairs and mountain stuff and ocean stuff and lake stuff and and get the idea. I need a nap.

There you have it. BUT if some reason you get stuck her in Central Maine rest easy…there are a lot of us stuck here too…and WE LIKE IT THAT WAY!