I know it's a little premature, what with Anderson only being in 1st grade but...you never know! Maybe a future star will arise in this bunch!

Anderson had his very first basketball practice Saturday at the Fairfield Primary School.  They won't be playing actual games but they are going to learn the fundementals. Fundementals are the ground work to playing real ball. They are the skills used to making great ball players. Saturday the coaches showed them how to dribble with each hand, dribble two balls at once (most can't do THAT yet! They are only in 1st grade! LOL) and for fun, how to catch a ball behind their back. They all have to work on that one!

Watching from above, Anderson had so much fun! His friend, Andre, is on the team, too! It's nice to have a friend. They laughed, passed the basketball to each other and Andre even showed him a few things!

It's all about having fun and that's what the coaches taught. All the kids received a t-shirt and they can't wait for next Saturday! Is there a 1,000 point scorer in the bunch? We'll see... High school for these kids won't start until 2021 but it will be worth watching them all grow!