There is a new clothing line you will be dying to get into, literally. It is a line of clothes that are designed for you to wear in your coffin. Personally, I want clothes that will serve me well when I come back as a zombie, but I digress.

The designer realized that the clothes we wear in life are poorly designed for death. Fact it, if you are dead you do not need buttons, zippers or garments that are tailored. And funeral clothes do not need to be long wearing. Let’s face it, synthetic fabrics don’t degrade so they will last forever. So synthetic would be more suitable if you have zombie plans for your afterlife. Again, I digress.

So this new lines of funeral clothes are more like shrouds and kimonos. These creations are NOT built to last.  The garments are designed with silk, cotton or hemp fibers and then they turn to dust. Interesting, very interesting. What do you think?