Garth Brooks is the latest Country Star to be inducted in to the Country Music Hall of Fame. He and wife Trisha Yearwood attended the ceremony as fans cheered and tributes from his contemporaries filled the night. On hand to pay tribute to Garth were stars like; George Strait, who said Garth ‘blew it up man’, Bob Seger, who said it's his passion he loves most and with all his success is still a really nice guy, and Jimmy Buffet. Brooks got more emotional as the night went on and tried to hold back tears but couldn’t.

Garth said the only reason he came to Nashville was to get George Strait to record ‘Much Too Old to Feel This Damn Young’, which never panned out but King George did sing the song during the induction which according to Garth was ‘so cool’. The spotlight wasn’t all on Garth Brooks, also inducted in to the Country Music Hall of Fame were Connie Smith and keyboard player Hargus ‘Pig’ Robbins who was sung to by Ronnie Dunn in a version of George Jones’ ‘Whiet Lighting’.

George Strait, Bob Seger and Jimmy Buffet played for Brooks and dubbed him ‘the Mighty Garth’ and Garth during his speech thanked family, friends and industry pros on helping him become a success.  As Garth walked in to the Hall, Vince Gill told him this would be the greatest night is his professional life and Garth said, ‘he was right’.