With more drama than a daytime soap opera, three actors currently on 'General Hospital' will be heading back to the online revamping of 'One Life To Live'. 'One Life To Live' last aired on ABC on January 13, 2012, also, longtime soap 'All My Children' was cancelled in 2011 by ABC. The production company 'Prospect Park' had planned to launch the two cancelled soaps around this time last year but plans had fallen through.

Now it's confirmed that 'Prospect Park' will be airing the web versions of 'One Life To Live' and 'All My Children' as cornerstones to their 'The Online Network'. While this sounds like good news to soap fans, three fan favorites from 'One Life To Live' moved to 'General Hospital'. Michael Easton, who plays John McBain, Roger Howarth, who plays Todd Manning and Kristen Alderson, who plays Starr Manning will be leaving Port Charles and heading back to Llandview.

According to 'Daytime Confidential' the three actors are less than enthused about the move. They are expected to remain on 'General Hospital' though February. Talks between ABC and 'Prospect Park' are ongoing about the return of the actors and characters to 'General Hospital' at some point.

'General Hospital' has seen a recent ratings increase, due in part by, the 'One Life To Live' actors and a return of many past 'General Hospital' favorites. Will this hurt the shows ratings? Soap fans, what do you think?