Luke and Laura, even if you've never watched a soap opera, you probably know who Luke and Laura are. The actress who played Laura, Genie Francis is returning to 'General Hospital,' in time for the shows 50th anniversary.

According to Entertainment Weekly, the Emmy-winning actress will be returning to the ABC soap. Francis just signed a deal to reprise her role as Laura Spencer, she'll return to the set later this month with a return on air for February 11th.

Anthony Geary, the actor who has portrayed Luke Spencer since 1978, will be reunited with Genie Francis. The Luke and Laura wedding on 'General Hospital' in 1981 had 30 million viewers and is the highest rated hour in American soap opera history.

This continues the trend of longtime fan favorites returning to Port Charles. The show has recently welcomed back the characters of Anna Devane, Robert Scorpio, Heather Webber and Duke Lavery. It's also reflected in increased ratings. The latest ratings showed that just over 3 million people watched 'General Hospital' last week. That's their highest ratings in two years.