With the season's first snowfall blanketing central Maine, these are the final days to get ready for winter. Even at camp! One of my best friends, Jason Hilton, called me this weekend and asked me to help him get the dock out of the water.

I was thinking to myself, this is going to be cold! So, I drove to his camp in Mercer and we tackled getting the dock out of North Pond. After taking the surface pieces off the metal frame of the dock. It was now time to lift and pull the long metal frame of the dock out of the water. To make it even more challenging, we had a rocky shoreline to pull it up and over. After 20 minutes of lifting, pulling, straining and cursing, we did it!

I am thinking next year, he should have an after Labor Day party and spring, "Let's get the dock out of the water" on everybody! At the very least the water will still be warm.

Take these last few days to get ready for winter. Cut and split that last cord of wood, put the plastic up on the windows. For mobile home owners, check your heat tape and make sure there are no gaps in the skirting.