Hannah Johnston/Getty Images

Exercising, to some it's a dirty word, for others it's a passion and for the rest of us, it's a necessity. It's a very personal thing to take on an exercise routine. Whether it's for losing weight or getting stronger, knowing what to do before you set foot into a gym is very important.

For me, about 6 years ago, I had finally reached that point when I knew that I wanted to change my bad habits and live healthier. I had heard from friends and relatives that I needed to lose weight . I knew they were right, but it's not until I was truly wanting it for myself that I took action. I instantly joined a gym and thankfully I had friends that guided me through a weight-lifting program. I told myself to really try for a year and see what happens.

After one year of going to the gym and just trying to be smart with my food choices, I had lost over 60 pounds! I have maintained that weight since and actually love going to the gym.

Here are some suggestions that I have for getting started. Make a one-year deal with yourself to really try to exercise and being sensible with what you eat. Ask for help, either from a professional or friends that have taken that journey you are on. Be realistic, it's human nature to want results right now. Challenge yourself. If you can, run 5.5mph for 5 minutes, make a goal to run 6mph the next week.

If you see me at the gym, say 'Hi' and as always, see a doctor before starting any workout program.