A 17 year old school girl from Dyer County High School in Tennessee said ‘bless you’ when a fellow student sneezed and she got suspended. Kendra Turner said she didn’t think it was big deal to say the words when someone sneezed but she ended up in the principal’s office and spent the rest of the day in an in-school suspension.

Kendra’s teacher has forbidden ‘godly’ speaking in her class and the words ‘bless you’ are banned. The teacher claims the girl was being disruptive and aggressive in class when Kendra’s parents met with school officials.  Kendra countered, saying students have constitutional rights of freedom of religion and freedom of speech.

Many students in the school showed support for Kendra by wearing ‘Bless You’ tee shirts to school. The 17 year old says she doesn’t want any trouble but wants it known it’s alright to defend God.