Getty Images, photo by Pool did a little digging to find out what popular girls names from the past you don’t see or hear much anymore. These are names that were common in their day, but aren’t as common now.  The names aren’t strange or hard to spell; they are now considered ‘vintage’ names.

In the 1940’s, Joyce was in the top 20 as a popular girl’s name, now it’s ranked at #969. Roseanne is next, falling to #14,165 from the name's more popular days in 1999.

From 1880 to 1913, the name ‘Hattie’ was always in the top 100, today it lands at #993 and in the first half of the 20th century, Dorothy was a common name, but ranks today at #937.

Madeline had its most popular years in the early 90’s, but has since fallen back. Willow is not a name you hear much these days, but in the early 1900’s to the late 1960’s, the name was common. Pamela is still around, but since 1971 has fallen out of the top 30. From 1899 to 1972, the name Ann was always in the top 100 now it ranks at #996. Leona, which means lioness, is at #929 down from a top 100 ranking between 1896 and 1921. The last name is Janet, another uncommon girl's name, and usually comes from Joyce, although Janet is placed higher than Joyce at #951.