A three-wheeled motorcycle toilet is the latest invention from Japan for the “green” traveler. TOTO, the company behind the Toilet Bike Neo commode, hasn’t released a lot of information about the bio-gas fueled bike, but we know the toilet sits atop a three wheeled motorcycle, with receptacle tank behind the seat. We’re not sure if the thing works or the rider must power it while riding. The company says they will release more information as the October 6th launch date approaches.

The toilet will begin a 100% biogas-fueled trip from Kyushu to Tokyo, about 752 miles, making press stops along the way to answer questions by spectators. The Toilet Bike Neo is no regular toilet as it can talk to you along your journey. Many of TOTO’s actual toilets talk and the Neo are no different. It can chat with you while you’re doing your business on a variety of subjects like fortune-telling, stocks, and yes, even the weather.

I guess the idea behind the motorcycle toilet is while you’re on the go, you can go.