The annual Greek Festival is winding down tonight at 10 at the Holy Trinity Greek Orthodox Church on the Hogan Road in Lewiston. I made my trip this afternoon and within minutes I met up with many family members.I saw my cousin Melissa working behind one of the Greek pastries booths at the festival. I saw her Dad and Mom and a few more cousins working the line for the Greek entrees.

I even caught up with my aunt and uncle and cousin from Connecticut. This was all within 15 minutes of being there!

While it was good to meet up with so many family members, it was finally time to eat my all time favorite meal, pastitsio, it's a Greek pasta dish. It was sooooooooo good!

This year's Greek Festival is winding down and it will be another year I'll have to wait to get more pastitsio. I should have bought more of it and froze some! I guess I could learn how to make it too!