After the long winter and the snow that has piled up, Major League Baseball groundskeepers are working hard to get fields ready for play. Frost on some fields is being measured in feet not inches. Boston Red Sox groundskeepers feel confident they can have the Fenway field ready for the home opener on April 4th.

In Chicago, groundskeepers are blowing hot air under field tarps in an effort to thaw the field and have been chipping ice along the right field foul line. At Camden Yards in Baltimore, where the Red Sox open the season on March 31st, they caught a break when the sun came out for a time helping to melt some of their ice and snow.

Baltimore was lucky as compared to Chicago: they received 66.7 inches of snow this winter. Detroit had 78 inches and Boston received 56.4 inches in a three month period.

Randy McCoy and Sharon Buck will be broadcasting live from the Point Afta in Winslow for the first game of the season.