Being the parent of a 6 year old has it's advantages. When I was little, I went trick-o-treating maybe 3 times. And that's when I was around 15. My parents never really let us out of the house. They liked to keep us safe so handing out the candy was our job.

But now that Anderson is at the age where he can carry his own pumpkin, I wanted to really get out there and experience what a Halloween was REALLY like. So Burleigh Street in Waterville was the place to be!

We stopped at my mom and dad's, my sister's, Anderson's dad's, his great-grandmother's and an aunt's house first. Luckily, they all live within 3 streets of each other. Pictures were taken and candy was given out. The kids were hungry so we went to McDonald's and bought 3 American chicken nugget meals. We wanted to get actual food into their system instead of chocolate!

Burleigh Street is an amazing site. They have the street blocked off so cars can't drive up and down and kids are safe to walk. There were so many people there and almost every house was lit up and decorated! One house was decorated like a pirate ship! I saw princesses, Spidermans, Mario and Luigi's, and blow up costumes like the sumo wrestler.

I've never seen such a neighborhood. Everyone was involved. The lines to each house were long but they moved quickly and all the children were using their manners. There was a dance troupe in the middle of the street performing. There were just as many adults dressed up as kids. Being a person that has never really experienced Halloween I was blown away!

Thank you, Burleigh Street, for a wonderful and safe place to take our kids! It was the best Halloween ever!


Photo by Sharon Buck