[Updated] After the recent mass shooting in Connecticut, there is now a way to destroy your guns if that is what you choose to do with them. I was reading in the KJ that Hammond Tractor in Fairfield has found a way to reduce the number of guns in the community. They will tear apart handguns,free of charge for anyone who wants their gun destroyed.

Gary Hammond, one of the co-owners of Hammond Tractor, is a gun owner and doesn't have a problem with them. But he made this choice to provide the service to anyone who is reconsidering gun ownership. Hammond is a Rotarian and the idea came about after fellow Rotarian wanted to destroy his guns. The problem was he could not find anyone who would or could do it.

Hammond offered to do it with the equipment at the business in the shop. They will do this the same day your request it and for free, if you want to destroy your guns. Just bring the unloaded gun to Hammond in Fairfield during their regular business hours provide free, same-day service for anyone who wants to destroy their guns.

[Update]  Mr. Hammond reconsidered the offer after some public feedback. He decided not to make this offer any longer to the public.