Here's to a little lady with spunk, smarts and dimples!

I met Chad just over a year ago and I was able to meet his 2 wonderful kids about a month into our relationship. It was amazing how well Anderson, Bradley and Jayden all got along. It was like they were friends for a long time!

Having never had a daughter of my own, this little girl has my  heart.

Little Miss Jayden Elizabeth has the sweetest face. Those dimples are so adorable! You can't help but be captivated by her. She also has a natural blonde streak in her long brown hair. She has come along way in the past year. Not only has she grown about 5 inches taller, but her reading skills have tripled! I'm so glad that every night we have them we can all read a story together. She used to feel so left out when it was only Bradley and Anderson reading. Now she does entire pages by herself and is reading books by herself, too!

Her math skills are great! Yesterday, we were all in the car and the kids were counting by fives and tens. She has them all memorized. And she loves to write little books. Her latest was a pictorial of the rainbow afro wig on different animals. It was quite funny, especially the picture of the giraffe.

Jayden is a fabulous dancer. She has been in dance for 2 years. She looks so cute in her costumes. She is also an INCREDIBLE artist. I've never seen a 6 year old child with such artistic ability! She gets that from her dad. Whatever he draws she can draw, too!

We had her birthday party at Joker's in Auburn on Sunday. Her favorite thing in the world is Hello Kitty. Thanks to Amanda at Kitty's Custom Cakes for the awesome Hello Kitty cake! It was so yummy and she was so excited when she saw it!

I can't wait to see what this little girl will grow up to be. She definitely is her own person and wants to do many things, but for right now, enjoy being 6, Miss Jayden! It only happens once! I love you.

Photo by Chad Hood